Angelic Touch Massage LLC

Angelic Touch Massage/Angela provides the balance of peace and relaxation that comes from within nature along with the spiritual healing from a higher power with every massage. As a Reiki Master, Angela  channels this natural form of energy providing the highest quality of healing power with her massages.

This unique combination of Reiki with a massage creates a holistic treatment of your entire being body, mind, emotion and soul. This gives you benefits such as transforming stress and worry to peace and calm.  Relief from chronic pain.  Helps in healing grief and depression by feeling relaxed grounded and centered.  Gives you an overall sense of well-being that carries into your every day life.

The most wonderful benefit to Angelic Touch Massage ….you get the owner of the business as you therapist.  This is a guarantee of consistent, quality treatments with every massage.  With almost two decades of experience in the industry Angela’s abilities are proven with her many long standing patrons.

For more information regarding her Reiki/Massage services, please call for details. The experience is one that leaves many asking for regular visits.