When I was in massage school they asked me draw a picture of how I saw myself as a massage therapist.  I drew a picture of a person standing over a client with my hands just above their body and light coming down from above through my head and out of my hands.  My teacher said “that is Reiki”. I asked “what is Reiki” and she said go find out.  Well, I did.  I got all three degrees and became a Reiki Master by 2003.

I happily practiced Reiki with great success until Covid.  As with the rest of the world it created time and space for me to go inward and really explore my spirituality and relationship with God.  What I found was, yes, Reiki had been a tool that I was using to heal.  It’s called the universal energy source.  But, what is that really.  I always taught that it was God, I always believed it was, yet, I was calling it something different.  To me, that somehow makes the source diluted. It’s as though you are going through another channel. Not to mention it could go down a dark road.   I wanted to learn to tap straight in, not to “the source”, but to God.

The biggest thing I learned is that when you get quiet, you can hear.  I spent time listening and opening.  Yes, I am a believer in Christ, that is who I listened for and communed with.  I found it was pretty amazing.  Rather  than saying “reiki on” you feel the true presence of God,  not just an energy going through you.  An energy of grace that surrounds you and fills the room.  My heart spoke to me and I had to turn to a different practice.  Reiki no longer felt right.  Now, to be true to my heart, I must call it what it is.  Christ centered healing.

What does that mean?  When you come I will create a safe space for you to be quiet and find peace.  My intention is to have you come in, share what you feel you need to with me to set up the session.   I only want to know what you need, what you believe is not an issue for me.  I respect all and will not in anyway push my beliefs or values onto you.  If you are drawn to come to me, it is for a reason.  I will put myself in a place of peace and grace and simply pass it on to you.

The session will be created around you and your needs entirely.  Whatever you are comfortable with.  I will be praying and that is the part I must disclose.  My healing is Christ centered.  To not explain this would be wrong.  My intention is to help those that want it to find someone that is authentic in the word.  If you come to me, I will honestly, humbly serve your soul with the grace I have found.