I have been practicing Massage, Yoga,  and hands on healing for over 20 years.  I believe deeply in the healing abilities of all three.  Each has a unique way of getting you relaxed, centered and stress free.  Recently, I was asked which works best.  I could not come up with an answer.  Here is why!

  • Yoga gets you wonderfully relaxed and stretched out.  It goes deeper than massage for relieving range of motion problems.  It really quiets the mind and centers you in a very wonderful unique way.
  • Massage, well we all know how wonderful it feels.  The benefits are numerous lowers blood pressure, helps the immune and circulatory system, the list goes on.
  • Hands on Healing is an experience that truly is beyond words.  You are able to really go to another world, a place of peace and love.  You can have releases so deep from within you that you find yourself refreshed and relaxed with a new energy and clarity.

So as you can see they all have benefits that are amazing!  Then it hit me!  Why not put together a new treatment that is inclusive of all three!!

Introducing…..  The Body Mind and Soul Service

  1. You start with a ½ hour session of personalized yoga.  You tell me where you are having trouble. Together we do poses that are specific to your needs.  It’s gentle, slow and made just for you.  While you are in some of the poses I will do some gentle passive stretching and massage to help you reach the full potential of the stretch.  The breathing and relaxing will begin the transition to your massage.
  2. Next, you enjoy a 1hr massage; that starts out with “the long relax” talk down that happens at the end of a yoga session.  Where your mind gets quiet with the conscious relaxation while you are getting a head massage.  By the time the massage starts your body has been gently stretched and your mind is quiet.  Normally, this takes 15min into a traditional massage. This enables your body to be more open to a deeper massage; thus better results.
  3. Following your massage, instead of getting up (or napping) the ½hr healing Touch session begins. You will transition from the final phase of the massage (the foot rub) to the peaceful energy that only comes through God.  In a typical hands on healing session, it takes 15 minutes to quiet the mind. With this your transition, you will already have achieved that!

As you can see, the benefits of starting with yoga first, eases your body through multiple phases and achieves a deeper relaxation for your Body, Mind and Soul.

I really believe in this treatment.  I worked on this treatment for over a year until I created the ultimate service!   People really enjoy It’s unique and all encompassing results.  I can promise you won’t find it anywhere else!!!

~Everyone that has received it has been extremely satisfied.  If you wish to change the amount of time of any of the modules, we can certainly do that.  My goal is to deliver to you a complete treatment that  fits your  personal needs.~

Due to Covid restrictions I am only booking this through phone for screening purposes.  Call 802-88-6658 to schedule your personalized Body Mind and Soul Service today!