Yoga means union of body mind and spirit. Yoga allows each of us a connection to our true selves by taking time in silence. In that silence you are able to hear your true inner voice. In this high tech busy non-stop world one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves is just to be in the moment without the daily distractions and stress for just one hour. Learning how to do this for ourselves can bring so much more quality to our lives as well as maintaining our youthfulness.

The Yoga I teach is called Hatha Yoga which concentrates on bringing you inward and becoming more self-aware. Hatha Yoga teaches us master control over the physical body as a path to enlightenment. It combines opposing forces to achieve balance. As you learn this you are able to use Yoga in all aspects of your life to keep yourself calm centered and balanced. I strive to make the Yoga practice about you so that it is part of your life and not just for the hour you are here.

Stress is the number one cause of all diseases. By learning the techniques taught in Yoga you are able to reduce your stress with just a breath. With just one long inhale, you can make the difference. Let go of the stigmatism of religion and breathing that so many have around Yoga and come give it a try. The Yoga taught here is gentle and easy enough for the novice and yet can challenge the most advanced. Yoga is about you and your journey that is what you will learn here.

Benefits of Yoga:
– Yoga builds and tones muscle
– Helps with appetite and naturally choosing the healthier foods
– Get rid of toxins through breath and blood circulation
– Is able to get rid of chronic pain
– Relaxes and rejuvenates you

Yoga classes: 
I presently am not running regular classes out of my studio. I am offering off-site visits as well as individual programs.

Other classes offered:

  • Mother/daughter: A way for you and your Mom or daughter to bond no other.
  • Couples classes: We will learn how to massage and gently stretch each other as well as learn subtle energies helping to increase intimacy and understanding between you.
  • Girl’s night out: You and your friends can go somewhere private to do a Yoga class, receive massage and maybe have a meal while you visit and enjoy yourselves outside of your home and not out in a crowed nosey restaurant.
  • Weight Loss: This class is a 3 to 6 month commitment where we work together on all aspects of our lives that create the weight. We not only review what we eat and how much, we also work on how we view ourselves. In this class we learn to be loving, gentle and accepting of our true selves.
  • Stress: Yoga all in its own reduces stress. This class will focus on bringing the stress free attitude to all aspects of our lives.
  • These classes will run as people sign up for them. We will schedule them around your schedule as much as possible.